26 April 2011

Thanks, karma!

The AP reports that the Rhode Island state legislature House Minority Leader, Robert Watson (R-East Greenwich), has been charged in Connecticut with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia and driving under the influence of alcohol.

During a February appearance at the Providence Chamber of Commerce, in describing issues confronted during the recent legislative session, Representative Watson bitched, "I suppose if you’re a gay man from Guatemala who gambles and smokes pot, you probably think that we’re onto some good ideas here."

The Guatemalan community noted that, at an official appearance, the sarcasm and racism in Watson's remarks were offensive and inappropriate. Watson doubled-down, adding another insult in his refusal to apologize in a comment during a radio interview, “I reject the suggestion that it's insulting."

Hi. I'm here from Karma. 
Can you sign for this?

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