16 May 2011

Ana and the King.

Ana notes the passage of a local celebrity, gentleman and bon vivant. I always looked forward to his visits, and will recall him fondly.

Hello neighbors,
Canelo will sail away tomorrow at 8 am. He has quickly developed a large tumor under his tongue, which in little time will choke him. The medical options -removal of his tongue and chemo- seem barbaric to me, specially knowing that he is about 15 years old. Should you want to say Good bye, you are welcome to stop by tonight. 
He is comfortable and we are keeping him free of pain and relaxed. 
He is the most amazing cat I have ever met. The king of the block, most friendly, most territorial, sun worshipper, untamable. Born free. He will die like a king, sweet and gentle. He will be buried in my front yard right under my front porch on his most favorite sunny spot.
He thanks all of you for offering shelter, food, water, petting, a place to sit and watch.
With much love,
Ana and Canelo

Gotta go. Something in my eye...

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Baldwin Rose said...

Perhaps this will make you feel better...

Mo Rage said...

dang, man.

you're good.