02 May 2011

Location, location, location.

You're probably already heard that Osama bin Laden was enjoying the hospitality of Pakistan in a million-dollar mansion within on the outskirts of a large, affluent city.

Bin Laden was also living very close to Pakistan's version of West Point.

Seriously, I reckon he lived no more than 3.25 1.6 miles — an easy walk — from Pakistan Military Academy in Kakul. I'm having a hard time assuming that's mere coincidence.

Here's a shot of the Osamahood I pulled off GoogleEarth. I'd like to attribute but can't. The photos are no more. Anyway, bin Laden's place is 200 yards off the left wing of the big structure in the middle of the picture, which is Government Post-Graduate College #1.

CORRECTION: Sheesh, I really should follow my gut. When I was reading the early reports, al-Jazeera had the residence somewhere along the PMA-Kakul Road. Then I started watching CNN, which put the residence further Southwest, off the main Abbotabad Highway. Because I always suspected the Pakistani military of being complicit in secreting bin Laden, the al-Jazeera report felt more accurate. Stupidly, I went with the more "reputable" CNN report instead. Mea culpa.

Think I'm being paranoid about bin Laden's proximity to a Pakistani military academy?

Okay, maybe.

But had Joseph Mengele been found in 1955 living in a high-security Bethesda mansion, three miles spitting distance from the National Naval Medical Center, reasonable eyebrows may have raised.

Just saying.

Revised GoogleEarth grabs:

Big red circle is the national military academy, small red circle is OBL's house
Focused to demonstrate the surrounding urban density.
This is what will be the bin Laden neighborhood in March 2001
Same area in 2011. There's been quite a buildup. 
CNN just released a Tim Lister story with some interesting details called Abbottabad—The military town where bin Laden hid in plain sight

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Anonymous said...

What I have a problem swallowing is that it took us this long to find him. The timing is certainly opportune; support for American imperialism is fading and morale with continuing unnecessary foreign intervention is rapidly decreasing with the realization of the massive amounts of money we are throwing away on maintaining the military industrial complex at the expense of taking care of citizens at home. Afghanistan just saw one of the bloodiest months since our involvement. And then there is the stupid birther distraction detracting from the real, important, and pressing issues of the day - like the unchecked monetary policy, the pillage of American prosperity by multinational corporate juggernauts and banks that profiteer off of taxpayer bailouts. Oh, and that huge debt ceiling issue. And the stupid war on drugs. And the complete and total disintigration and denial of civil rights, too many to enumerate here. And the killing of innocent Libyan citizens without Congressional authorization...news of the bombing of the Gaddhafi complex was all but buried by the OBL news. Yep, OBL's "compound" isn't inconspicuous at all, worht at least a million bucks and sitting right there by a military academy. All the trillions we spend on military and we couldn't manage to find this guy sooner? Give me a break.