13 May 2011

Take cover, Kansas City!

The 'bastard's favorite bon vivant, Brian, dispatched an urgent alert that KCTV's Chief Scaremonger Katie "Madame Apocalypse" Horner may be out of a job.

That means our fair city may now be subjected to the clear and present danger of being able to watch entire television programs without being constantly apprised of the existence perfectly ordinary thunderstorms happening on the Iowa border.

From my basement underneath the safety of blankets and pillows, I tip my bicycle helmet in your honor, Katie.

When the dead baby in Brush Creek isn't really a chunk of wood, you'll have the last laugh.

3 chimed in:

Justin Kendall said...

I always thought the baby was a beach ball. A chunk of wood is even better.

Baldwin Rose said...

Wait! How will I know to bring in my lawn chair cushions without Hurricane Horner?

Anonymous said...

Wait, Horner was still around??? Shows how much I know. I stopped watching teevee about a year ago. Oddly, haven't missed it since.