29 August 2011

Persecution is wrong unless Obama does it.

"Forty years ago at the Stonewall Inn in New York City, gay and lesbian Americans fought injustice from persecution and discrimination, bravely leading the charge in what has become the defining spark that began the gay rights movement around the world.

Four decades later, we as a people have come a long way and should be proud of what we have accomplished since that day in promoting equal rights for all Americans — yet there is much more to do. With a President and majority in Congress committed to equality for all, our country can take more steps toward achieving the Democratic Party’s commitment to fulfilling that promise by passing such laws as the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, adopting a national HIV/AIDS strategy, enhancing the safety of our military and our national security by eliminating Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and by repealing the Defense of Marriage Act.  
With the courage and defiance of those individuals at Stonewall Inn still in our hearts and minds, the Democratic Party reaffirms its commitment to the march towards equality for all and second-class citizenship for none."
-President Barack Obama, June 2009

So today President Obama is having his U.S. attorneys bring a case against Lt. Dan Choi for having the temerity to protest the continued enforcement of an unconstitutional military gay ban in front of Mr. Obama's residence last November. (Bear in mind, the gay ban still in full legal effect today, 260 days after Obama signed the so-called "repeal.")

Evidently some protests by gay Americans against injustice, persecution and discrimination are brave, necessary and laudable. Just not the peaceful ones that happen at Barack Obama's front gate.

If that's not enough, the Obama Administration is also suing Lt. Choi civilly, insisting the government is "owed" money as a reimbursement because Lt. Choi failed to complete his military obligations after he was unfairly discharged pursuant a law held by a federal court to be facially unconstitutional.

Daniel Choi is the goddam Rosa Parks of the DADT repeal movement, and this dumbass president doesn't have the sense not to prosecute Choi on criminal charges in federal court for "failure to obey a police officer," while Choi was engaged in constitutionally protected First Amendment speech on a public sidewalk.

Seriously, "Constitutional scholar?" At this point, I have no idea how Obama passed the fucking bar exam.

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Can we all just agree right now that Obummer was the biggest fraud since at least Nixon? At least with Dubya, you knew to expect nothing but one series of FUBARs after another. I didn't vote for Obummer because I didn't buy what the man was selling. He's no different than the rest of these ass clowns we call "public servants." They take our money, live high on the hog, are above the law, and they pretend like they are doing us all these really big favors when each year we end up with less than we started with. The guy is a total joke. The problem is, politically speaking, they're all different shades of bad. Its typical ruling class hypocrisy and has nothing to do with anyone's political party. Time to start looking at non-establishment fresh blood honest people who dare to run for public office....Crusty for President!