23 September 2011


Quite a spectacle at the Republican debate last night.

Stephen Hill, Iraq veteran, asked the Republican candidates about their policy intent with respect to gays serving in the military.

Members of the audience actually began booing Hill. No shit.

I believe these members would refer to themselves as "values voters."

Naturally, Rick Santorum (R- Frothy Mix) insisted he'd reinstitute the ban, inarticulately claiming that repeal of a law that discriminates exclusively against gays means, "we are going to recognize a group of people and give them a special privilege, in removing 'Don't Ask, Don’t Tell.' I think tries to inject social policy into the military."

Santorum's call to reimpose an unconstitutional law to discriminate against gays was met with thunderous applause and rhapsodic cheers. You can barely hear him finish.

Not one candidate rose to defend Steven Hill, thank him for his service, or condemn those who boo'd him. I believe these candidates would refer to themselves "compassionate conservatives."

Democrats against equality became known as "Dixiecrats." It's time that Republicans against equality get their own derisive portmanteau.

I suggest Repuritans.

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