24 October 2011

Wanna feel old?

The iPod became 10 years old yesterday. If it was a kid, it would be in Fifth Grade.

I wanted one badly, but at the time I believed 5/10 MB would be too small for my musical purposes. I was right. In April '03, when the third-generation iPod sported a 30 MB version (with the much cooler "touch wheel" and glowing touch-sensitive buttons), I finally got one. When its battery finally began to die up a couple of years ago, I cracked it open and repaired it.

Because I am a dork.

I've had several other iPods since then, which are superior in just about every way except the controls. This iPod had the best, most responsive, most intuitive control set ever, but Apple decided to incorporate the four buttons into the click-wheel found on nearly all later iPods.

Anyway, I still love my old 3G. Still use it too.

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