20 November 2011

President Obama is a coward.

Regardless of whether you agree or disagree, or approve or disapprove of the OWS movement, you must concede that the police brutality has gotten utterly out-of-hand, and needs to be promptly and properly addressed at the highest levels.

I'll admit — the video of UC Davis Police Lieutenant John Pike and his colleagues casually firing chemical weapons at close range into the heads of defenseless, unresisting, huddled protestors, then turning and giving them a second dose with the indifference of a guy applying pesticide to his lawn — yeah, this shit shook me to my core.

I thought this might finally be OWS's Tiananmen Square — the trigger to rouse our aloof, standoffish president into justified and righteous action. These peaceful protestors being systematically brutalized by uniformed police officers were, after all, the same young people who were responsible for Barack Obama's landslide victory.

Surely the president will have something to say about this.

Now, I didn't expect an immediate response from the cautious White House, but I didn't expect no response.

What's on the White House website front page right now? Obama's new South Pacific "free trade" deal, which, if it's like all the other ones, is guaranteed to benefit big business as it off-shores more American jobs.

The vulgarity and tone-deafness of this is beyond astounding.

2 chimed in:

Mo Rage said...

So it would seem.

Why would it not be easy to stand up for the people's rights of free speech? He should have an easy pass on this, I should think and he should speak out to all police departments, nationally, on not violating the people's right to assemble and speak.

That said, you know what? He would catch hell for it from the "Right". They'd paint him as inciting riots.

You know how crazy and out of touch with reality they are.

Mo Rage said...

I should tell you, too, I posted this on my home FB page and linked it to every Barack Obama page I'm associated with.

Just so you know.