18 January 2012

Getting lapped by third-world countries.

Cuba has announced that this year it will consider allowing gay couples civil union recognition.

Yes, "we're thinking about giving you homos second-class legal status," is totally fucking lame, until you consider the bastion of freedom and equality — the United States — isn't even close to considering the possibility of thinking about maybe conferring even second-class legal status to gays.

At a federal level, our country is still busying ourselves with deciding whether we should belt-and-suspenders amend our Constitution in addition to the Act of Congress that ensures gay people cannot claim any of the constellation of rights, benefits, privileges and obligations of marriage.

The Republican party makes political purity determinations based on how much a candidate is willing to punish gay Americans for their identity, and even our relatively hip, young mixed-race Democratic president believes gays aren't entitled to equal rights because Jesus — but he's "evolving," which evidently means "I'm still kinda a homophobe, but I'm politically savvy enough to hedge my bets, and am definitely content to lead from behind on this issue, what do the polls say?"

So — just in our hemisphere — we now find ourselves waaaay behind Canada, and also behind Mexico (!), Aruba, Dutch Antillies, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil.

And now Cuba. We are now less socially progressive than Cuba, ferchrissakes!

What are we aiming for, here — Haiti?

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Mo Rage said...

And when you add that we're at least 37th, internationally--behind Costa-freakin'-Rica--in mortality rates, on top of this, really, how far down are we going to let ourselves fall behind?